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MOPS Craft- Dry Erase Frames

I've seen these pictures floating all over Pinterest and immediately fell in love! I love that they are simple picture frames with just a piece of paper inside, and you can write on the glass with a dry erase marker, changing your message as often as you want!
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(Sources: #1#2#3#4#5)

I knew that, for our February love theme at MOPS, this craft would be perfect! I mirrored mine most after #5, since they used a patterned paper, told their exact fonts in their tutorial, and used flowers to adorn their frame.

I bought my frames from the Dollar Tree for $1, of course. The frame is specifically for documents or certificates so it holds an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper. I bought the paper inside from Michael's. It was originally 12"x12" and I just cut it down to the appropriate size. Felt was from Michael's. I used 1-2 sheets of white and gray, so I'll say $1.20 for all of the flowers. (It'd be cheaper, though, if you did less/smaller flowers.) This is the tutorial for the flowers, which I still can't find an original source for:
Felt flower tutorial
Finally, I bought dry erase markers from Bi-Mart. I'm sure WalMart or any other store has them for around the same price, if Bi-Mart doesn't exist in your area.

This was the sample I made:

Before we did them as a craft for MOPS, we held our annual bake sale fundraiser. And, since not everyone can eat sugary sweets as well as wanting to add a few items for additional sales, I made quite a few crafts for the bake sale- including these frames! I sold them for $3, which I realize doesn't give you much, if any of a profit. However, since I made them and MOPS earned the money, MOPS still earned a profit, and every single one sold! Just before making them for the bake sale, I found one more style of frame, which I couldn't help but also include:
Pinned Image

For the 2nd paper, I just designed it myself using Microsoft Word, mimicking the original the best I could with the fonts I already have. So, for the bake sale, I made one sheet of each and sold the frame with both papers (which could be rotated out), decorated with flowers, and sold with a marker:

For most of these, I cut the pages down to 8"x10" and mounted them on a white piece of cardstock for a little bit of contrast and border. When it came down to doing this craft for our official meeting, I decided to condense it and have the ladies glue the two different papers to the front and back of cardstock, sandwiched in the middle. (I printed them all ahead of time on various patterns of scrapbook paper, since there was no way to have the moms make it themselves at the meeting.) With the papers mounted front and back, both papers are always inside the frame and the paper needs to just be flipped around when you want to change the saying. (There are no pictures of this, but I bet you get the idea.)

These frames were a HUGE hit. The ladies at my MOPS group seem to love the felt flowers, just like they did when we used them to adorn t-shirt scarves before, since they are such a forgiving craft and look great no matter how much you butcher them! The rest was easy to put together and makes such a cute piece of decoration for your house or as a gift for a friend!

Total Budget:
Frames- $15.00 ($1 each)
Scrapbook Paper- $3.07 ($0.59/ea)
Pad of Printed Scrapbook Paper- $9.99
Pkg of Solid Cardstock- $3.99
Felt- $5.80 ($0.29/ea)
Dry Erase Markers- $16.82 (I got 7 for $1.99/ea and then the 8th had to be a different kind because the store was out of the first. It cost $2.89 for that one.)
Total- $54.67
Per Person- $3.64

Question: Who would you write messages to?

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