Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wreck This Journal

I found this journal from Amy's @ "Sometimes Creative" Favorite Things Party. This is my first book to own from Keri Smith, but I thought this idea was so utterly creative that I couldn't wait to order one! The basic idea is that people often don't want to write in their journal for fear of "ruining" it. So, Keri created a journal that's meant to be completely destroyed. The pages are filled with instructions on how to creatively "wreck" your journal, including tearing it up, poking holes in it, licking the pages, taking it for a walk, sleeping with it, and a whole mess of other ridiculously crazy ideas. It makes me creative little head go spinning with ideas on how to mess this journal up! My family, on the other hand, thinks I'm totally nuts. And my husband can't believe I paid money for something I'm going to destroy. But I'm stoked! And I'm going to document my wrecking process!!!

The first page I did instructs me to write my name in several different ways, saying this book belongs to me.

Next, I numbered every page... 1 to 184 (this furthered Jesse's thinking of how crazy I am!):

Then, I was told to crack the spine:

It's hard to document this, but you can see that the pages no longer lay flat:

And, my last project for the day was to trace my hand:

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  1. Isn't it fun? I'm still working on mine but I should post some of my pages.